Tier One Services

Mission Statement

As a division of Master Clean USA Inc., the Premier Cleaning Company in Santa Barbara, YHM™ strives to meet the needs of a unique segment of our community looking for full time domestic housekeepers or consulting and training for their current full time housekeeping staff. Our mission is to meet these needs for specialized home services with the same world-class competencies as Master Clean USA has always strived to provide. Our goal is to provide quality domestic housekeepers and all support resources that give each of these households peace of mind.

Full Time Housekeeping Placement and Management

YHM delivers turnkey alternative for clients seeking full time domestic housekeeping services that is individualized for each client’s home needs and requirements. YHM™ provides a highly beneficial and comprehensive service option alternative from the standard placement agency service that for so long has been the only source for meeting full time housekeeper service needs in the community. In YHM’s™ Tier One, a client with an open full time domestic housekeeping position will have one of our trained housekeepers integrated into the service position. YHM™ will customize the service based on the customer’s evaluation and profile. As an YHM™ employee, the new staff member will receive continued on the job training, communication and mentoring from an YHM liaison. All Human Resources, administration, product support, equipment support, translation and communication are integrated into our world class service providing a comprehensive assistance system to foster and facilitate the life experience you want for your home.

What We Offer

  • Full Time Professional Housekeeper Service
  • Background Checks
  • Reference Checks
  • Experienced
  • Ongoing HR Management
  • Fully Insured (Liability, Bonding, Worker’s Compensation)
  • Individualized and Customized Training
  • All Legal Paperwork in Place
  • Replacement and Fill-In Staffing
  • Payroll Management, Payroll Taxes and Requirements Included

This is a fully managed service. We handle it all! In addition, we will liaison with you regularly and we take the responsibility to resolve any concerns and take the entire burden of housekeeping off your mind. We become your seamless operation with the kind of world class competency that you have been searching for in domestic help.