What to Expect

Before Your Placement or Training

For both Tier 1 and Tier 2 clients, YHM will visit your home for a full customer evaluation and profile where we will discuss your specific expectations and service requirements and tour the home. This begins the process for both the full-time managed housekeeper placement (Tier 1) and consulting service (Tier 2).

During Your Training or After Placement

If you are a Tier 1 client, YHM will now place a full time staff member in your home. After placement, the staff member will continue to receive all managed services, training and the client will have a local liaison available for communication support and problem resolution at all times.

Tier 2 clients now receive a comprehensive personalized training session for the client’s staff addressing product and equipment training, structure and organization, household protocols, professionalism, schedules and more. A customized training manual in Spanish and English is provided to the client and staff. After the initial consulting and training completion, your liaison will be on call for the duration of your consulting contract for ongoing training and issue resolution.

After Training/Placement and Ongoing

Our goal is to ensure quality, efficient and consistent service in your home. If you are a Tier 2 client, you can sign up for additional training/consulting at any time. For our Tier 1 managed housekeeper placement clients, we are available at all times for the duration of the management placement.