About Your Home Masters™

YHM™ delivers turnkey alternative for clients seeking full time domestic housekeeping services that is individualized for each client’s home needs and requirements. YHM™ provides a highly beneficial and comprehensive service option alternative from the standard placement agency service that for so long have been the only source for meeting full time housekeeper service needs in the community.

In YHM’s™ two tiered service structure, a client with an open full time domestic housekeeping position will have one of our trained housekeepers integrated into the service position. YHM™ will individualize the service based on the customer’s evaluation and profile. As an YHM™ employee, the new staff member will receive continued on the job training communication and mentoring from YHM™ liaison. All HR support, administrative support, product support, equipment support, translation and communication support is integrated into our world class service providing a comprehensive support system to foster and facilitate the life experience you want for your home.

The second tier is designed to meet the resource needs of clients who already have full time staffing in place, but need specialized training for their staff, communication support and translating services as well as a local liaison that is available to be onsite to problem solve with staff in order to assist in helping prepare and support current staffing for a better long-term outcome of success in the home.

We are absolutely delighted with our housekeepers in the performance of their duties.
Alyce and Michael Dalany, Santa Barbara
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